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When Doctor Nagashima loses his wife in a mysterious car crash, he is overwhelmed with grief but also an eerie sense of purpose; he becomes obsessed with the idea that he must reincarnate his dead wife. Her donated kidney is transplanted into a young girl with a debilitating disorder, but the good doctor also feels compelled to keep a small sample of his wife's liver in his personal laboratory. When these cells start mutating rapidly, a very old and primal consciousness bent on determining its own fate awakens, with a plan to destroy humanity as humans know it.

Filled with scientific acuity and existential challenges (See Ghost in the shell or Frankenstein) this medical phantasmagoria is a disorienting look into consciousness, survival, love and obsession. It just may make you question the future of human evolution or indeed what it means to be human. This novel was also the basis of the hugely popular video game it took its name from. It has been cinematized in Japan, where the novel's smashing success helped set off a sci-fi horror boom lasting many a year.
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"Parasite Eve combines Michael Crichton's scientific cutting-edge plausibility with David Cronenberg's abject flesh/sex horror. Throw in Frankenstein and The Blob, synthesize, and enjoy." -- Fangoria
"Sena's work in pharmacology and microbiology lends this Japanese import a sense of discovery and fear that resonates when new science is not fully understood. SF and Horror fans who like Suzuki Koji's Ring... Will find Parasite Eve a chilling tale on a cellular level; Recommended." -- Library Journal
"Parasite Eve is populated by richly-developed characters, energized by a well thought-out and patiently delivered plot, and amplified by its educational interludes; I learned all about mitochondria, nuclei, organ transplants, evolution, and the culturing of cells (Parasite Eve makes a strange but effective companion piece to The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot)." -- Readallday.com
“Hideaki Sena, a pharmacologist, microbiologist and now pop icon, knows all too well how to combine the scientifically plausible with the psychologically unimaginable… Have fun with it, by all means, but don’t keep it on the bedside table.”
-- Susan Salter Reynolds, The Los Angeles Times
" Parasite Eve will appeal to general readers, and not just devotees of science fiction and horror. " -- SF Magazine Japan
“Comes just in time for summer getaway reading… Oozes with enough violence and sexual perversity to make Caligula blush.”
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