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Here are a few pages from the book illustrating the story through various characters and situations. If you want to see the page just click the little picture above which page you'd like to view.
This is the prologue. In it Kiyomi is introduced in a very shocking and sad manner. It's a precursor to all of the events and shows just what mitochondria are capable of.
Pg 6
Pg 7
A day in the life of Mariko Anzai, the not so model patient. Only on this particular day she gets a surprise and far from happy, this surprise brings on the awkwardness.
Pg 30
Pg 31
Through the eyes of the mitochondrial sentience itself, her very own reflections about her hosts husband and herself. How proud must she be!
Pg 70
Pg 71
Remember that butt kicking speech in the movie? Yes, the one that just about 'pwned' the human race. Here are its gritty origins.
Pg 220
Pg 221
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