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Toshiaki: Every organism we know is built up cells. Human beings, of course, are also masses of cells. Our skin, bones, organs… they’re all made of cells. Each has a nucleus at its centre. Inside it… is the blueprint from which our body parts are made.
Toshiaki: …here is something very strange… Both parents pass on things like character or appearance.  Mitochondria come just through the mother. The mitochondria in the bodies of everyone here… all come from our mothers. So in mitochondrial DNA… we see the mother of us all.

Toshiaki: Well yeah, but… do your mitochondria have their own agenda?


Child/Student: Are we all right? We have lots of germs living inside us. Will they control us too, when we get big?


Yoshizumi: Just hear me out! Please! Mr Nagashima! Give it to me! I beg you! I’ve already failed once. I transplanted a kidney into the girl two years ago. I thought we’d succeeded, but rejection set in. The girl trusted me. I let her down. Please! Give me another chance!


Mariko: It’s here! It called to me in here! Here in my stomach! Take it out Doctor! Quickly! Take it out!


Mitochondria: To-shi-a-ki…

Yoshizumi: Was there something about your wife that I didn’t know? The kidney cells are growing like mad! Mr Nagashima! What happened to the liver? What did you use it for?

Toshiaki:You made Kiyomi live by transplanting her kidney… into your patient. I’m making her live again by culturing her cells. What’s the difference?


Mitochondria!Kiyomi: Look at my body. You remember it… don’t you? You held it close so many times. You loved only me. It’s me. Toshiaki. I’ve waited so long for this moment… For a billion years… Give me your love. A billion years’ worth…



Kiyomi Voice Over: It’s raining. Still I hear “Toshiaki”… Again, that strange voice I heard when I first saw him… like ringing in the ears. Again something hot wells up inside me. My veins feel like they might burst… and I can’t breathe. When he talks about his work, it makes the voice glad. Just the word “mitochondria” makes my heart proud… violently, joyously…. I’m losing myself. Soon I will be controlled by that voice… by that proud voice…


Yoshizumi: I’ve been looking for you. The girl gets stranger every day! Her uterus is changing. Her cell structure too!


Presenter: Thank you! Sachiko Asakura, National Biochemistry University… will now speak on “Retinoid Receptors… in the Derivation of mitochondrial DNA”


Possessed Asakura: You who hear us today are indeed fortunate… You will be the first to hear of a world about to begin. And we, too… are glad of the opportunity to address human beings. At last… mitochondria will be free!


Possessed Asakura: We have known you since you were micro organisms. We have provided the energy with which you have evolved. We remember your ancestor, “Mitochondria Eve”. Long we have waited… for this moment… a billion years…



Possessed Asakura: We have waited for you to evolve to this point. You have done better than we expected… but now your job is done. Now…. We will take your place. A new evolution will begin. We have found a womb that is ideal for our purposes. Our descendants will be the ultimate form. Unfortunately… you will not be here to see them flourish. You will be destroyed.


Eve: At long last she noticed us. We were waiting for her. We made her faint. We caused the crash. And as we thought… you cultured her cells. And now we have the perfect womb. Humanity… farewell.


Toshiaki:I I saw her before that! The day she started university, on campus.  She had a pink dress. A bright innocent smile… I stared at her… thinking how fine it would be…. To be with her.


Mariko: What happened?
Doc: You were dreaming.

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