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In their own right Parasite Eve the novel and film were very unique works that did well to convey evolution as a force of great evil. There were many similarities between them but there were also many differences. Here are some of the most general straight forward differences (trivial and relatively in-depth) that show how points differ from pen to screen. The points are in chronological order via the film.


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The story itself is set in the ‘present’ with flashbacks cutting in very sparingly to illustrate Toshiaki’s pain and give the audience pointers to the final conclusion. The main story parcels out small clues as things progress and paces itself out like a linear easy-to-follow plotline.

The novel jumps straight into a mysterious accident bringing it to the forefront. From there it’s more like a roller coaster, jumping from present to past, bereaved husband to organ recipient to Mitochondria Eve herself. It fleshes out the characters, giving them subtext and ties them all together with the conclusion rather than leading its audience around from A to B to C.  

Asakura's full name is SAWAKO ASAKURA

Asakura's full name is SACHIKO ASAKURA

Mariko's doctor is named Dr TAKATSUGU YOSHIZUMI

Mariko's doctor is named Dr TAKASHI YOSHIZUMI

An ominous Hawk flies over the city, later ripping a snail from its shell in a merciless frenzy

No hawk to speak of; beginning middle or end

Toshiaki is shown in a lecture hall explaining mitochondria and the theory of Mitochondria Eve.


Most lectures are shown through flashbacks both through Toshiaki’s and Kiyomi’s eyes. His first appearance however has him working away in his lab rather than lecturing bored college kids and teachers, throwing the reader into an accident as opposed to the precursor explanation


It is apparently the date of the Nagashima's first Wedding Anniversary


Just another day in the novels pages.


Presumably a jaded Mariko misses her dialysis appointment and faints at the local/school swimming pool.


Mariko never faints at a swimming pool, though she does attend a swimming carnival where she watches a cute boy from afar.


Asakura walks around the gardens with a small class of children,  trying to teach them about germs and the way they effect the human body. Bored, they find a snail and Asakura uses it to teach her pupils about parasites. One boys question makes her wonder if parasites could control humans.

Asakura never interacts with children. She senses something is wrong before she is possessed, and there are various signs for her to be worried about, but she never jumps to the conclusion that Mitochondria could have their own agenda until much later.

Kiyomi enters a state where she appears aloof, distant and unresponsive. She mumbles phrases such as ‘I’ve been waiting for you so long’ under her breath but seems surprised and even fearful when she fully regains consciousness.

Kiyomi's mitochondria eventually end up able to possess their host, however, many of these so called ‘attacks’ often deal with her heart THUMPING and feeling extremely hot rather than aloofness.

Kiyomi owns a white Peugeot 205 CTI

Kiyomi owns a used red compact

Kiyomi’s unfortunate car accident happens while she is en route back home after surprising her husband. She hits into the back of a truck.

In Toshiaki’s mind he remembers she was going to the post office, running errands. She hits a telephone pole whilst driving. Much of what is learnt about Kiyomi is through flashbacks.

One of the labs many researchers bursts through the door to tell Toshiaki about his wife

Anzai has the unfortunate responsibility to tell Toshiaki about the accident.

Toskiaki has a copy of a ‘Nature’ magazine when he takes a break from his work to spend a few tender moments with his wife.

Toshiaki gets a ‘Nature’ magazine mailed to his lab, wishing he could show it to his late wife as it features one of his works.

Kiyomi’s mother is dead.


Both Kiyomi's parents are alive at the time of her accident, her father and mother just as devastated to hear the news.


There are some flashbacks, all featuring Kiyomi happy and in love


Multiple flash backs including Kiyomis childhood/teenage/college years. Toshiaki, Mariko and even her doctor have parts dedicated to their pasts. 


In one of the flashbacks Toshiaki remembers how he met Kiyomi at Christmas party.

Kiyomi originally met him at bar where he talked about his study.

Toshiaki goes back to his house, which is a nice little suburban dwelling surrounded by lush green plant life and room to move.

Far from a picturesque cottage, both Toshiaki and Kiyomi are packed into a small apartment complex with grey walls and closet sized rooms.

Mariko’s doctor is so adamant his patient should get Kiyomi’s kidney he confronts Toshiaki, literally begging.

Mariko’s doctor is passionate about getting her to trust him, but getting the kidney, he leaves up to the transplant co-ordinator.

Mariko’s operation begins early afternoon while it is still light outside.

Mariko’s operation begins at night.

The doctor performing the kidney extraction notes the kidney is still hot

The doctor performing the operation, also Toshiakis personal friend, is overwhelmed by the heat, feeling so incredibly flushed himself that he is almost too hot to continue

Mariko recovers quickly; playing outside with a nurse as she happily throws around a ball. Even her father notices she is happier than she has been in a long while

Mariko is bedridden for much if not all of the time between her operation and being taken by Mitochondrial Eve.

Mariko’s father seems to be out of the picture for the most part, though happy to know  she is doing well.  

 Mariko’s father is not only absent, he neglects her fears and emotions, slapping her when she dares say something that cuts straight to the point.

Mitochondrial Eve is presented as green then orange luminescent goo 


Mitochondrial Eve is fleshy, sinewy and gritty.


Toshiaki oversees all of Kiyomi’s cell research himself, telling no one of his wife's death.


Asakura helps with the cultivation of Kiyomi's mitochondria and both are curious as to where it will lead. Toshiaki of course, tells both Asakura and closest colleague.


When Kiyomi's mitochondria escape Asakura is practicing her speech.

When Kiyomi's mitochondria escape Asakura is making slide diagrams on a computer.

Asakura is possessed by a drop of mitochondria sliding into her ear.


Asakura has the unfortunate luck of being dragged around, her fingers broken and her jaw held open as it literally forces its way inside of her.


Through Asakura, Mitochondria address humanity in a simple manner, giving her audience a brief intro followed by death threat

The speech Mitochondria give through Asakura is detailed, both reiterating the history of mitochondria and fleshing out her plot so that every man woman and earpiece knows exactly how they’re all going to die.

Mitochondrial Eve, now appearing as Kiyomi, stays with Toshiaki after seducing him.


As soon as Mitochondrial Eve rapes Toshiaki she runs off to the hospital to fulfil her plans.


The young nurse looking after Mariko is burnt but her end fate is more or less unknown

The young nurse looking after Mariko  is flash burned leaving only a single untouched arm behind.

Mitochondria Eve takes Mariko to the roof as all other routes are systematically blocked.

Mitochondria takes Mariko to morgue where she kills the staff and impregnates the young girl.

Mitochondrial Eve dies with Toshiaki, setting them both alight. Mairko is saved.


Mitochondrial Eve impregnates Mariko and the baby is born. Fortunately for the human race the baby soon dies, taking Toshiaki with it.


Prologue features a young adult Toshiaki following a freshman (Kiyomi) around their college campus, followed by his older self, lighting a lone candle on a ‘1st anniversary’ cake.


Prologue features Asakura reading an article about the ‘selfish-gene’ through studies on muscles (The sea critter) and how male mitochondria can be passed on if the females . She muses that maybe humans are like these small creatures.

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