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~ Kiyomi and Mariko are O+.
~ Kiyomi owns a 250 CTI Peugo while her husband owns a red 4wd
~ Kiyomi is 168cm tall and weighs 50kg
~ At Kiyomi and Toshiaki's wedding lilies feature heavily. Lilies are a flower that represent purity and innocence
~ Kiyomi's death is at 11:31am, 33 minutes later her kidneys are removed.

~ Mariko is 12 where as the next person on the transplant match list is 49
~ Mariko's dialysis requires her to visit the hospital 3 times a week,
~ In the hospital Mariko has several personal items near her bed. There are photos of a woman, a child and a family as well as several Origami Crane chains hanging above her head board.
~ Marikos transplant starts at 1:34, 69 minutes after extraction completed

~ Asakura and Nagashima both work at the National Biochemistry University
~ Dr Nagashima uses tools such as a stirrer, pipettman and Eppendorf tubes
~ Whilst talking with his wife after a lecture Dr Nagashima is holding a Nature magazine, a real UK magazine that features ecological and cell biology
~ Both Nagashima and his wife both write in their diaries with blue ink.
~ When Nagashima is recollecting his meeting with Kiyomi. Her present to him on their one year anniversity is similarly white and red.

~ While teaching a class of children Asakura has a boy with an english shirt
~ Yoshizumi hospital Mariko is noted as 'Central Hospital'
~ Even from surgery Marikos cells looked different Marikos cells mits 3 times as large normal -- many more.
~ As opposed to the game only 6 people are shown to be burnt by Eve

~ Hideaki (author of the novel) has seen the movie and commented in an interview that while the beggining stays true enough to the game, the second part wopuld have been very hard to cinematize. Overall he believes they did a good job.

~ The hard subs do not always follow a direct translation evidenced by such times as the following: At the confrence about mitochondrial DNA, a woman speaking in english is translated into japanese and back into english -- only we see it isn't exactly what she is saying.

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