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Bloopers, commonly known as movie mistakes or nit picks to some, are generally oversights on the part of editors or directors. They can range from an insanely glaring mistake to a subtle, harder to discern detail that suddenly looks out of place. Parasite Eve is generally blooper free, but it has it's bloopers just like any other film. Here are some that its viewers have spotted.
[ + The Magic Beam + ]
The mistake here is that, despite the angle of the metal beam which crashes into Kiyomi's front window (It hits the head rest dead centre) nothing lower than the top of her head is injured. If you look at where her head is in relation to the seat and where the beam would've struck it her neck, lower face and maybe nose would have taken the brute force.
Possible Explanation A -- She turned her head right at the last minute or fell unconscious once again, leaving the top or side of her head open. ~ Caligo
Possible Explanation B -- Another beam also hit Kiyomi, one that could have skimmed the top of her cars windshield rather than go straight through it. ~ Caligo
- - [ + The 6th Floor + ] - -
In the basement Dr. Takatsugu's assistant is trying to follow 'Eve' on the monitor, watching her signal 'a red blip' as she goes from hall to hall and floor to floor. Looking on the monitor as the monitor zooms into a series of stairs, you can see a defined pattern of stairs stemming from below the bottom of the screen (A menu?) right up to a set going past the roof. There are 6 floors. 4 easily seen, while one is going below, the other above. Meanwhile the cut to a series of switches shows us there are '5 floors'.
Possible Explanation A -- The basement, a floor still shown on the monitor is controlled by switches elsewhere ~ Caligo
Possible Explanation B -- Because of the monitor's resolution, the lines may create the appearance of a floor where there is none. ~ Caligo
- - [ + Cellular Communication + ] - -
(Sourced from IMdB) -- About halfway through the movie, the scientist is using a microscope to watch cells multiply. When the cells split apart they make a noise, and the electrical activity makes noise as well, though it is all at a microscopic level.
Possible Explanation A -- It could all be in Toshiaki's head. Later on in the film we see the doctor's assistant in a control room where he starts to hear who he assumes is Mariko calling for help. It could be the same principal as the mitochondria makes its first attempt at communication.
- - [ + Strange Subtitles + ] - -

Whilst speaking in the conference, part of an English speaker's speech is translated into a foreign language and back again through use of the hard subs. This re-translation effect however, seems to have the unintended consequence of translating differences. This is further compounded when a member of the audience stands to comment and is similarly mistranslated.

Mitochondria are cytoplasmic organelles of all eukaryotic cells engaging in aerobic respiration. And also, the source of most ASP in those cells. However, your suggestion of it having curative effects, to heal diseases is still only a hypothesis and has not been proven -- BECOMES -- Mitochondria empower cell's function. But if it can cure disease it is beyond our imagination.

Possible Explanation A -- The translations only offer the bare basics of what has been said, leaving out any flesh. ~ Caligo
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