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No candy/chocolate eggs here folks. No ma'm. These “Easter eggs” are the kind you’ll see in the game, not what you might get around Easter while playing the game. In essence it’s a virtual nod to other games/movies within the game. Or as wikepedia so eloquently puts it: A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, web page or video game.

So this page is therefore dedicated to all the various messages/things hidden in Parasite Eve 2!

Coca Cola
Product placement anyone? This item can be found in Dryfield
or bought in a replay mode. It heals MP as well as some HP and
Aya seems to enjoy it!
Anyone who’s ever played Final Fantasy should know about this
weapon.Now, if you earn a certain rating on a run through, Aya
too can use it.
Square CORP
Once in the shelter and over the bridge theres a room to the
side. In that room is a curcuit board with a plug. Right in the
middle of this board is a yellow plaque reading Square-CORP
No.9 Gunblade
Not only does Aya have the opportunity to use a gunblade but
the psycho boss No.9 also has one in his arsenal. Be advised
to stay away as it takes a good portion of your health away.
Parasite Eve Poster
Just when you thought breaking the 4th wall couldn’t get more
complicated, the owners of G&R Diner put a Parasite Eve poster
in the restroom at the back of the establishment.
To the left of the restroom in G&R Diner is a quaint little pinball
machine. This pinball machine is of Ergheiz, another Square
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