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Along her journey Aya can be affected by a number of statuses that can either help or hinder battle. Negative or bad effects are created when certain enemy attacks are succesful while good status effects ( Both preventative and aiding) can be put on Aya by using a certain item or her PE powers. Below are said effects and what they do!
-- Poison
Aya will consistanly loose HP until she is cured of the battle ends.
Counter: (Cure-P) or (Full Cure) or (Detox) or (Medic) or (Full Recover)
-- Darkness
Aya's targetting range is limited to its minimum.
Counter: (Cure-D) or (Full Cure) or (Medic) or (Full Recover)
-- Stiffness
Aya's movement speed and AT is slowed or halted.
Counter: (Cure-M) or (Full Cure) or (Detox) or (Medic) or (Full Recover)
-- Confusion
Controls for Aya's movement are reversed.
Counter: (Cure-C) or (Full Cure) or (Detox) or (Medic) or (Full Recover)
-- Defence Down
Aya's defense is drastically lowered
Counter: (Full Cure) or (Medic) or (Full Recover)
-- Anti-Poison
Prevents or removes the Poison effect while in battle.
Use: (Cure-P)
-- Anti-Darkness
Prevents or removes the Darkness effect while in battle.
Use: (Cure-D)
-- Anti-Stiffness
Prevents or removes the Stiffness neffect while in battle.
Use: (Cure-M)
-- Anti-Confusion
Prevents or removes the Confusion effect while in battle.
Use: (Cure-C)
-- Haste
Boosts Aya's speed and AT charge
Use: (Haste)
-- Barrier
Any damage is taken by PE points until bar is empty.
Use: (Barrier)
-- Gene Heal
PE points change to health until bar is empty.
Use: (Gene Health)
-- Preraise
If Aya is killed in battle she is revived instantly.
Use: (Pre Raise)
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