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No candy/chocolate eggs here folks. No sir-ee. These “Easter eggs” are the kind you’ll see in the game, not what you might get around Easter while playing the game. In essence it’s a virtual nod to other games/movies within the game. Or as wikepedia so eloquently puts it: A virtual Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, web page or video game.

So this page is therefore dedicated to all the various messages/things hidden in Parasite Eve!

Museum -- Chocobo Flag
In map mode, if you select the museum, the camera will pan
down to a front-on view. In this view you can clearly see a
chocobo flag adorning the doorway!
Museum -- Chocobo Statue
In one of the display rooms in a corner adjacent to the stairs
you can find a large display featuring a red like Chocobo
Museum -- Trivia Questions
There are several consoles through out the museum and each,
except for the very first (Animal question) has a question related
to the speech Mitochondrial Eve gives in the novel.
Soho -- Yongki Graffiti
1. Yongki Yoon (Map Retouch)
Soho -- Charles Graffiti
2. Charles Pinday (Event Design, Map Data Design)
Soho -- Bela Graffiti
3. Bela Brozsek (Map Illusttration)
Soho -- Yongki Graffiti
4. Cecil Hong-Sik Kim (Map Illustrations, Map retouch)
Soho -- Yongki Graffiti
5. Sangwoo Peter (Map Data Design)
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