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  + Parasite Eve: Rise Within
Debatably Parasite Eve's most popular site out there today. Pictures, Information, News and more. Definitely one to have look around.
  + Parasite Eve Fansite
This Parasite Eve site has information, pictures and great scans. A nice site to look into. It also hasn't been forgotten and left for dead.
  + Parasite Eve Memories
A great site with some lovely artwork, scans, midis and lots ofinformation. Hasn't been updated in a while but has a unique style about it.
  + Glory of Evolution
While partially incomplete in some sections this site offers some really great indepth discussion. It also has a decent selection of pictures and basic information.
  + PE Fansite
Has an impressive list of game shark codes for the first game and nice images to compliment its walkthrough. Hasn't uploaded in a while and is exclusively focused on PE1.
  + Parasite Eve Haven
Interesting 'adoption' program and the layout / graphics have a sense of humor about themselves. No other content and it appears like it died a while ago though.
  + Influence of the Deep
A well loved Spanish site with lots of goodies hidden in its pages. Run by a devoted fan and updated frequently it remains one of the best fansites out there.
  + Aya's Memories
A beautiful artistic fansite still working on content but well worth having a look. The gallery has some good quality art scans too!
  + Parasite Eve 2 - French Fansite
A French site that hasn't been updated in a while. It's incomplete but still has a few nice images and a cool layout to look at either way.
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