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+ Parasite Eve Series: Facebook
A facebook page for fans of the games, novel, movie
to come in and meet like minded people.
+ Sideaki Hena's Parasite Eve: Facebook
A facebook page for fans of the novel to come in and meet
like minded people.
+ Parasite Eve Music: Myspace
A wonderful community for Parasite Eve fans to meet. Also
has a bonus soundtrack to listen to while you look around.
[ + FORUMS / WIKI + ]
+ PE Wiki
Characters, items, locations and monsters, this Wiki has
pages full of knowledge and is always expanding.
+ Urban Noise (English)
A small but big hearted forum that seems promising. Join.
start a thread and watch it grow!
+ PE Forum (Italian)
An Italian forum with lots of lovely people and a few goodies
if you do decide to join up.
+ Parasite Eve Club
A Parasite Eve art club, a place to come and support your
love for the game. Join up and submit your own art now!
+ P.E Club
A good fanbase who share art through favourites. This
is good for hard to find pieces!
+ Primal Eyes
Unrelated to this site. It's a new group on DA dealing with
Parasite Eve. All it needs now is some members!
+ Parasite Eve Fans Livejournal Community
A livejournal community for anyone to talk Parasite Eve or
just hang around. Inactive but informative.
+ NMC Hunter Livejournal Community
Another livejournal community to talk Parasite Eve or see
it's old fans talk about how they adore the fandom.
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