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Have a story you'd like to share? Were always looking for fiction to put up! Send it HERE
Author: Stiltzkin
Kyle/Aya. Think of the mitochondrials getting their hands on alien DNA and go from there! Includes action, mystery, and some normal day to day.
Author: Asphyxia
Interesting start. It's slotted to be a cross over fic with RE and Tombraider to help retrieve an Aya Brea that's gone missing. It's only a chapter in though, and it's a cliffhanger so...
Author: FlowerofAdversity
Maeda stays in New York and manages to get the girl (Aya) through some careful planning on his part!
Author: LEONheart Kennedy
Fun times! Leon joins mist and is partnered with Aya. Takes place after PE2 and after Racoon city, so it's a mash up! Has Leon as a good daddy and the mystery of Ada wong!
Author: radioraheem
Interesting. An odd angle, being from Rupert's POV rather than the more common set of folk. He's got issues, needs some traitors alive, but is fighting himself to keep them that way as well as an assassin. Aya's worried about him, naturally, and she needs those folks alive too.
Author: J. H. Fee
Short, sweet, and a little sad. Aya visits Melissa's grave years after the games.
Author: AngelsRCryin
An interesting 'last day of normal' view into the citizens of Dryfield before it all went to hell.
Author: Arachay
Kyle/Aya just happy bubbliness about an impending date and a rather irrational 'true deep love' despite not seeing each other since the game, but that's me and my dislike of Kyle so!
Author: Lady Victorian
So, Melissa liiiiives. Recovered from the slimy remains by the statue of liberty after the first game she tries to get her life back on track with a dippy OC cop.
Author: Striker
Someone is restarting the Neo-ark project and the golems, but it doesn't get into too much detail yet so mainly it's a look at life after the second game.
Author: Mathew Lawson
Mitochondrial monsters are attacking city hall after the first game! Oh noes! The president is there!
Author: Mathew Lawson
Mitochondrial monsters are attacking city hall after the first game! Oh noes! The president is there!
Author: Meriko Robert
This is a story adding five minute to the end of the ending of PEII. Kyle/Aya romantic realizations.
Author: Vincent Belmont
Ghost Busters/PE crossover. Fourth wall breaking a little, but told from the point of view of the Ghost Busters being at the same fateful opera as Aya.
Author: Travis
Once the evil is destroyed will the dead people stay or will they
die again? But will she do it? Her family is reunited after years of being apart. Does she have the will to destroy her family?
Author: Marie Freed
Maeda comes back to America! He has a job and goes to see Aya!
Author: Chad Harger
Aya must deal with the awakened mitochondria within her and the temptation to alter humanity as Eve did in the wake of Christmas Eve.
Author: Mess
As Melissa Pierce dresses for the opera, she reflects on what has happened to her and decides her plans for the show that night.
Author: Audra
Melissa is at her apartment and reflects about the past when she was donated her liver. How does it feel to have the mitochondria take you over?
Author: Justin Asselstine
It's Eve's first day of school, but then her powers suddenly return, because the NMCs have returned!

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